Choose correct chainsaw size for your Job

The production of chainsaws makes gardening and sawing work easier, but have you really chosen the most suitable chain saw?

Occasional Light Use

In chainsaw descriptions, the term "light use" covers pruning trees and shrubs, and general maintenance. Light-use chainsaws' cutting bar typically is under 14 inches long.

Moderate Use

If you plan to use a chainsaw for jobs more moderate than occasional light cutting, then consider a chainsaw with a 16- or 18-inch-long cutting bar. Sometimes such a model is considered a general-purpose chainsaw, ideal for homeowners who will use the tool to cut through thick tree branches and logs.

Heavy-Duty Use

If you plan to use a chainsaw frequently and for large jobs on a semi-regular basis, then consider one with a 20-inch-long cutting bar. Such chainsaws are designed for cutting through large-diameter wood, such as thick tree trunks. Most homeowners don't require such a large chainsaw, but those who live in rural areas and perform heavy-duty sawing as part of their property maintenance need the bigger cutting surface.

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