There are more and more small items in the house, and the original storage space is not enough. What should I do? In order to make full use of the living space to provide a convenient life for ourselves, we will have the habit of hanging things on the wall. Inevitably, we must punch holes in the tiles and install various pendants. But it is not an easy task to punch holes in the tiles. Even if it is a veteran, punching holes in the tiles will inevitably break the tiles. Today, I will introduce how to use a impact lithium drill to punch holes in tiles. In this way, it is guaranteed that a tile will not be broken with electric drill.

1. Pre-calibrate at the position where punching is required, make a mark to ensure that the punching is on a horizontal line, and pay attention to the corresponding position in the wall without hydropower lines.

2. Then use a glass drill bit to slant a small pit to the marked position. Because the tile surface is smooth, in order to prevent the brick from shifting when punching, use a tile strip like this so that the drill bit will not slip when drilling.
Or the drill bit should have a 45 degree inclination angle with the tile surface, so that the drill bit should first grind a small hole first, then carefully remove the enamel from the position point, and then use the electric drill to punch it vertically.

If you use a ceramic drill bit, you can punch holes directly inside.

3. Set a shallow hole to remove the positioned orifice plate, then prepare a mineral water bottle, open a hole in the lid, fill the water. In the process of punching, water is sprayed on the punched portion, and the punched portion is cooled. This can reduce the problem of cracking of the tile and cracking due to uneven heating.

4. After breaking through the tiles, continue to drill the depth of the screws. Make a hole, pull out the drill bit, and unblock the hollow part of the drill bit. Insert the plastic expansion plug into the hole.

5. Tighten the screws. The pendant is installed.

Precautions for electric drill drilling ceramics:
1. One thing to note is that when using a glass drill bit and a tile drill bit to drill the eye on the full tile, the drill should be slightly shaken up and down, and the water should be cooled.

2. When drilling terracotta bricks, use cement nails to make a point on the bricks and then directly drill the eyes with a electric hammer. Start with no force, so as not to make the electric hammer misplaced by the resilience of the electric hammer.2. When drilling the clay bricks, use cement nails to make a point on the bricks and then drill the holes directly with the impact drill. Do not use force to avoid the resilience of the impact drill to make your electric drill misplaced.

3. Do not use oily markers to draw long lines when scribing marble with large water absorption, so that the ink will penetrate into the marble. Whether it is clay brick, full ceramic tile or marble, it is best to put a score on the place where you are eye-catching. Colored paper draws lines with pencils.
4, the drilling is a steady and meticulous work, but also have patience and experience, do not use too much force with the electric drill, borrow the impact of the electric drill to give the appropriate force. Use a slower electric drill, and the drill bit should be perpendicular to the wall so that it won't break.

5. Drill the tile with electric drill. If it is punched, the tile paste just hits the empty drum. The ceramic will burst, so it is very important to choose the position. Generally, it is better to choose two seams or four corners. You can also use the knock to see if there is an empty drum before drilling.

It is best not to place the hole in the hole close to the brick. The hole should be more than 2 cm away from the edge of the tile. It is easy to break the ceramic too far from the edge of the ceramic. Try to avoid holes in the sharp corners of the tiles! Regardless of whether the brick is empty or not, try to avoid it!

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