Why do you have to choose a clutch when you buy a hammer? Next, we will popularize it for everyone: In fact, the safety clutch can avoid the large rotational reaction force generated by the bit stuck in the process of use, which is a kind of safety protection for the user.

Each of the #autojare# electric hammers has a unique safety clutch system design. When the machine hits the steel bar or overloads, the clutch automatically starts to avoid accidental injury to the user, and also protects the motor from burning due to overload. The gear is broken. In addition, the life of the clutch is also a very important indicator. Some electric tools are designed due to improper design or the material is used. The torque of the clutch is reduced after several times of use, resulting in the hammer not working properly.

The clutch parts of the "Autojare's electric hammer" High wear-resistant alloy steel is used to ensure that the clutch does not fail during the life of the hammer. The safety clutch is small, but it is related to the user's personal safety. It is recommended that the workers must choose the electric hammer with the long clutch life, no longer hurt for themselves, no longer worry about the family! Choose “autojare”, it can be easily dealt with when drilling or hammering to the steel bar! Therefore, for the safety of the majority of users, you must choose a safety clutch system when selecting the hammer.

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