In the previous article, we introduced the Beatles and the Flexible Shaft. This article introduces twist drilling bit, impact drilling bit, tile drill bits, glass drill bits, and hole openers.
3, twist drill. Drilling, seemingly simple but not so. Different drill bits are required for different materials.

▲Steel, copper, aluminum, aluminum-plastic board, wood: the use of straight shank twist drill, the appearance is the silver-gray of steel, generally made of high-speed steel, sharp edge, to withstand the high temperature generated by turning. It can't be used for materials such as tile cement, and the cutting edge is useless.

▲Stainless steel, copper, aluminum: These materials are easy to attach to the drill bit during the drilling process. Commonly known as sticky drill bit, the alloy drill bit with cobalt element can specifically deal with this material, and the appearance is golden yellow. However, some high-speed steel twist drills have been surface-coated with titanium, and the front section is also golden yellow. If the drill is turned stainless, the effect will not be good and the wear will be faster.

4. Impact drill bit. Used for brick walls, concrete, stone. Hexagon head with a spiral groove for the discharge of debris, no sharp edge, and these rough materials are mainly driven by impact force. Impact drills generally use round-handle drills, and electric hammers generally use square-shank drills. Pay attention when purchasing.

5, tile drill bit. Used for drilling ceramic tiles. The triangular head has a cutting edge but is not sharp, and it relies mainly on grinding to drill into the tile.

6, glass drill bit. Hollow cylindrical shape, mainly used for ordinary glass drilling, with corundum on the head and chip removal holes on the back side. It should be noted that the existing glass products in the family are in principle tempered and can not be drilled.

7, hole opener. It is mainly used to cut a circular hole with a large diameter on a thin plate. The metal hole opener can be used for opening holes in metal plates, gypsum boards, artificial stone, etc., such as iron gates for mounting cat eyes. The wood hole opener is used for opening the wooden board, such as installing the door lock, the gas pipeline and the drain pipe in the cabinet.

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