How to replace the angle grinder saw blade? The following points are very important!

The outer splint of the angle grinder can't be locked with the professional use of the wrench, and the saw blade cannot be removed and replaced. There are four common treatment methods.

1, the impact method, with a small part, top on the outer splint of the eye, in a counterclockwise direction with a madman small punch, generally can rotate the birch splint, the small punch must be short, so the power of hammering All used on the splint, the small part can use the old needle of the nail gun, when hitting the small punch, the force should be moderate, otherwise it is easy to crack the head of the angle grinder
2, loose agent method,
Spray the bolt loosening agent on the outer pressure plate, and then loosen it with the original wrench.

3, the forceps method,

The angle grinder can be broken and removed, clamped to the outer splint with a forceps, and the lock knob of the angle grinder is pressed, and the pliers are rotated. Generally, the splint can be loosened, if the clamp is used for wood Saw blades, diamond saw blades and other metal pieces can also be used to clamp the saw blade on the vise and then rotate the pliers for better results.
4, pipe clamp method
The angle grinder can be broken and removed. Use a pipe wrench to clamp the outer splint according to the figure. Press the lock button of the angle grinder and turn the pipe wrench. Generally, the splint can be loosened. If the clamp is wooden With a metal piece such as a saw blade or a diamond saw blade, the saw blade can be clamped on the vise and rotated with the pipe wrench. The effect is better. If it is a grinding wheel, it can be split and the cover can be covered. Remove, clip the gear to the jaws, and rotate the pipe wrench to loosen the splint.

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