The choice of Flexible Hex Drill Shaft and the Driver Bits of the electric drill

There are many types of electric drill accessories. Below we understand the choice of electric drill’s flexible hex drill Shaft and the Driver Bits.

1.Flexible Hex Drill Shaft.

Many products will be distributed as accessories. The main purpose is that some spaces are relatively small, etc., which are not suitable for direct operation of electric drills, and are operated by a flexible shaft to transfer a bit, a drill bit, and the like. However, in the case of a large workload, because the flexible shaft requires two-hand operation, it is rather troublesome. The simple and rough soil method is to set a hose with better strength, and also realize the rotation of the rotation angle. For example, the disassembly and assembly of the advertising truss, the special 90 ° electric wrench price is too single, we use a small piece of hose to connect to the ordinary electric drill to solve the problem.

2.Driver Bits.

Commonly used driver bit have a double-headed cross and a cross-shaped one. It is recommended to purchase a short bits of 65mm. Try not to use a long bit of 110mm, especially a drill with impact function. The concentricity is relatively poor. Screwing the screws requires a high level of operation.

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