The danger of add too much oil for chainsaw


Some people always feel that is very trouble to refuel oil for the chainsaw. It often add much at a time. It is not good for the chain saw itself. The chain saw has the standard of refueling. It is not the more the better.

After the engine of the chain saw is work, the gasoline will be thermally expanded, and the mechanical vibration will increase. If the fuel tank is overfilled, the gasoline will overflow from the fuel tank cap, which will waste fuel and cause fire. Therefore, it is more better to add oil to the tank volume of about 90%.

When the oil in the oil sump is excessively added, the oil will enter the combustion chamber to participate in the combustion, which not only increases the oil consumption, but also easily causes a accident. In addition, excessive oil will increase the resistance of the connecting rod and crankshaft and increase power loss. Therefore, the oil in the oil sump should be added between the upper and lower scribe lines of the oil dipstick.

The oil in the oil saw disk of the chain saw should be added to the engraved position. If it is added too much, the oil will be sucked into the cylinder to participate in the combustion, which will easily cause carbon deposit and cause oil accident.

The inner surface of the chain saw wheel hub is large, mainly for heat dissipation. If the hub is filled with grease when the rolling bearing is installed, the running resistance is increased, and the braking effect is affected by the grease being diluted by heat. Therefore, just apply some grease to the rolling bearing to keep the empty hub lubrication.

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