Nowadays, the popular electric wrench is used in many fields, not only the car, but also the use of fasteners everywhere in our daily life. The professional electric wrench needs to take advantage of it to reinforce the parts. In case of special accidents in future use. So what should you pay attention to when using an electric wrench?

First, the electric shock of the Impact electric wrench
1. Before use, check whether the internal and external parts of the electric wrench are in good condition, whether the outer casing and the wire have insulation effect, and no leakage is allowed;
2. The voltage specified by the electric wrench should be consistent with the applied voltage, and the grounding device must be correct. The plug should not be inserted in the wrong direction;
3. If you need to operate the metal container, then there should be someone outside to monitor, and the leakage protector and power connector, control box should be placed on the outside of the metal container, the operator should step on the insulation board to operate, if the operation If there is a wet place on the scene, then you should wear suitable work clothes, remember to wear insulated gloves and shoes;
4. If there is no power supply at the operation site and an extension cable is required, then a cable with sufficient capacity should be used and installed on the overhead to prevent the cable from being crushed and damaged.
Second, the mechanical damage of the electric wrench
1. The power plug should be unplugged when replacing the wrench before it can be replaced;
2. The wrench should be firmly fixed during operation to prevent the device from shaking and causing disengagement.
3. Before starting the machine, you should learn to judge the direction of rotation and apply even force;
4. The operation box should be operated by a person, so two people need to cooperate with each other during the operation;
5. When using an electric wrench, the body should have an appropriate posture to prevent the axis from being aligned with the thread axis.
The above is the thing that should be paid attention to when the electric wrench is used. Only when the electric wrench is used correctly can the effect be more effective in the work, so that the loss of manpower and material power is properly controlled. The premise of the correct use of the wrench is that the consumer buys a wrench with good quality and low price, and the choice of the wrench is also a concern for consumers.

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