At present, the domestic power tool industry is developing rapidly, and power tool manufacturers are springing up. There are many brands and types. How to find a good hammer in these brands, what factors do we need to consider? What are the characteristics of a good hammer?

1/ Charging electric hammer has multiple functions
Electric hammer products need to have dual functions of hammer drill. Single-function electric tools can't meet the current work requirements. Most of the work requires hammer, drill, chisel, etc., and the multi-function electric hammer not only has the function of electric drill, but also has electric hammer. Features, easy to use.

2/Lithium electric hammer speed switch
The precise speed change switch is a clear sign of a good electric hammer. The speed switch has a low speed when the light touch switch is used, which can help the machine to smoothly drill, not only prevent the drill bit from slipping, but also prevent the drill hole from rupturing. Use adjustment to high speed position to ensure high efficiency.

3/Electric hammer should have a damping system

A good shock absorption system allows the operator to feel comfortable and relieve fatigue. One of the ways to achieve a good vibration damping system is to increase the grip comfort with a soft rubber handle.

4/Electric hammer must be stable and reliable safety clutch
Although most of the current electric hammer products in China are equipped with safety separation devices, most of the safety clutches are fictitious and cannot provide users with safety guarantees. The stable and reliable safety clutch can avoid the use of drill bits during use. The stuck state generates a large torque reaction force to be transmitted to the user, thereby providing a certain safety protection function to the user, and also preventing the motor from stopping to rotate.

5/Electric hammer should have positive and negative function
The forward and reverse function uses the electric hammer product to have a wider application range, and the implementation of the forward/reverse function is mainly realized by switching or adjusting the brush position.

A good electric hammer not only needs to meet the requirements of the working environment, but also needs to have the performance of protecting the user's safety and improve the work efficiency. When selecting a power tool such as a hammer, it is also necessary to proceed according to its actual situation.

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