What factors affect electric Reciprocating saw performance?

The effect of stroke length on machine cutting: Stroke length is the maximum distance the saw blade moves back and forth during the cutting process. The stroke length has a significant impact on the cutting efficiency of the machine. If the same saw blade is used to cut the material at the same number of reciprocating times, the cutting efficiency is different for different stroke lengths: the longer the stroke length, the more the number of teeth involved in the cutting process during each reciprocating cutting process, and the cutting is performed. The faster the stroke length, the less the number of teeth involved in cutting and the slower the cutting.

Saw blade: The influence of the saw blade on the cutting performance of the machine is critical. The shape, sharpness and wear resistance of the saw blade are one of the decisive factors in the machine cutting performance. Commonly used saw blade materials are generally high carbon steel and high speed tool steel. The hardness requirements of the saw teeth are different for different cutting objects.

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