From the functional principle, there are obvious differences between electric hammer, electric pick and electric drill.
1. The electric drill only relies on the motor to drive the transmission gear to increase the force of the drill bit, so that the drill bit can be scraped in the form of scraping on metal, wood and other materials. He can be said to be the electrification of the hand-drilling tool in the past.
2, the electric hammer is to use the bottom motor to drive two sets of gear structure, one set to achieve it, and the other set to drive the piston, like the engine hydraulic stroke, producing a powerful impact force, accompanied by the effect of the drill, the power can be split by the stone . The electric hammer has both the rotating force of the drill and the impact force of the hammer. It is generally used to make a strong wall hole. The general installer, telephone, network, electrician, and woodworker will be equipped with electric hammer.
3, the eDonkey is to let the motor drive the squatting to do the bounce form operation, so that the hoe has the effect of producing a chiseling ground. The pump hammer in the electric cymbal bounces back and forth, which produces the effect of smashing the ground, but the electric hoe is only chiseled, and its hoe does not rotate.

From the scope of application, there are obviously different applications for electric hammer, electric pick and electric drill.
1. The electric drill can only be drilled alone, and the impact drill can also have a slight hammering effect. Hammer drills can be drilled and hammered higher, while electric picks are only hammered and cannot be drilled.
2, electric drills generally drill thinner things, such as wood, aluminum alloy, thin steel, iron, plastic and so on.
3. The electric hammer is an upgrade of the electric drill function, mainly used for drilling holes in concrete, floor, brick wall and stone.
4. Electric cymbal is widely used in pipeline laying, mechanical installation, water supply and drainage facilities construction, interior decoration, port facility construction and other construction projects. It is suitable for boring brazing or other suitable accessories such as chisel and shovel for concrete and masonry. Structure, asphalt pavement for crushing, leveling, excavation, slotting, cutting and other operations.
5. The eel is mainly chiseled and destroyed by the name. It is no wonder that some people call him the king of destruction, the electrician of the engineering, the electric wall of the wall, and the electric wall. The electric drill is just a drill, and the electric hammer is a drill plus a hammer. Drilling with a hammer drill, destroying the power.

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