What should I do if the circuit of the electric hammer is broken? How to repair it?

The circuit fault problem of the electric hammer is mainly concentrated on

Open circuit, short circuit, ground fault, rotor reversing ring spark is too large

1, open circuit
A common cause of an open circuit is a broken line.
Commonly used when using a wired hammer tool, the bottom of the handle and the bottom of the plug are frequently active.

There is a simple check method here.
Is to connect the power cord of the hammer to the resistance file of the multimeter.
Press the switch and move the root of the leather line by hand.
The multimeter's readings will change.
The switch is also damaged high-risk parts, which can be checked with a multimeter.

Poor contact with carbon brushes can also cause an open circuit. There are two ways to check:

First, observe the end faces of the carbon brushes. The end face is smooth and the contact is good; otherwise, the contact is poor.

Second, connect the test leads of the multimeter to the motor outlet end, and press the two screwdrivers to the brush socket and the rotor at the same time. The motor is turned on, indicating that the motor is not faulty, and the carbon brush does not pass, indicating that the carbon brush is in poor contact.

Sometimes the rotor is also open, connect the power cord to the multimeter, and slowly turn the rotor. If the open circuit reading will change greatly.

2, ground
Grounding is generally caused by the stator and rotor rubbing iron.

Rubbing the iron requires changing the rotor.

The other is caused by water or moisture.

Dry it and you're done.

3, the rotor sparks large

This problem is generally caused by a rotor fault, a word - "change", after the replacement, we must observe whether there is rubbing. Serious rubbing iron, there is a "squeaky" sound when starting the machine; rubbing the iron light, after a long time working, there is a burnt smell, the current rises.

In addition, the screws that fix the stator are loose, the bearing housing is too loose, the stator shell is deformed, and the bearing is damaged, etc., which causes iron rubbing.
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