First of all: lithium drills use 18+1 torque adjustment, which realizes torque adjustment, which is conducive to precise drive of screws; user-friendly design, torque shifting, high and low speed adjustment; all copper waterproof motor, safer to use; no need to plug in the power supply It can be used by plugging in the battery; it is a memoryless lithium battery, and the overload protection design is safe, durable and powerful.

Second: the details of the design is also very intimate and human. The self-locking chuck is used, the concentricity is guaranteed, and the slipping is more effective. The self-locking drill chuck is more convenient to operate. The size of the chuck is only 0.8-10mm; the fuselage is covered with a large area, which is more comfortable, shockproof and resistant. Flip, double-layer protection; positive and negative stepless speed change switch, easy to operate, press to open the depth and adjust the speed and with electronic brake function; LED lighting, user-friendly design, self-contained light source, easy to adapt to various working environments.

Third: The working principle of the lithium electric drill is also simple. It is mainly rotated by the DC motor. After decelerating by the planetary reduction mechanism, the drill chuck is rotated to drive the bit or the drill bit to work. By pulling the positive and negative switch levers, you can adjust the polarity of the DC power supply to change the forward or reverse rotation of the motor to achieve the disassembly and assembly operations. It can be seen that the operation is very simple, and Xiaobai can follow the instructions or operate the video to operate, without worrying about learning.
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