With a chain saw, will the hand be scrapped? How to use the chainsaw correctly?

The chain saw has evolved from the basis of hand saws and is widely used for logging and gardening. It can be a good tool when used properly, but it can also be a weapon for hurting people if used improperly.

such as……

There is a movie called "The chainsaw Killer."
Of course, these normal people are just normal tools, not to the extreme. In the normal use process, you should be cautious. Otherwise, there is no hurting thought, but it hurts yourself. It is also very bad.
1. Before using the chain saw, please carefully read the safety instructions, understand the performance and safety precautions of the machine, and strictly follow the safety regulations during use.

2, must use two hands to grasp the oil saw, the right hand to grasp the back of the handle, even the left-handed person should also do this, in order to grasp the direction, you must use the thumb to grasp the handle, work must be stable. People with little strength, or ask others to use a chain saw.

3. It is not necessary to force the guide chain into the kerf. When the machine is running at full power and the engine drives the guide chain to run smoothly, it only needs to stabilize the machine and gently apply pressure to easily separate the data.

4. When sawing a trunk with a large diameter, first saw an orientation groove on the opposite side of the saw surface. The width of the saw groove is about 1/5 of the diameter of the trunk, and the width of the saw slot opening cannot exceed the depth. When sawing long fiber trees, you must first saw a crack-proof groove to prevent cracks in the trunk when the sawn part is dropped.

(If you don't want to look up, the tree falls to you...)

5. When the engine speed is too low or the saw chain stops rotating, the feed pressure must be reduced immediately, otherwise the chain saw will be damaged due to overheating of the engine.

6. When working on a slope, the operator must stand on the upper or side of the trunk. Pay attention to the rolling of the trees and prevent them from being tripped by branches, stumps and ditches. Don't stand on the trunk to saw, the hanging branches don't be sawed from below. When sawing a fragmented tree, be aware that wood chips that are cracked as a result of sawing can pose a safety hazard.

7. When the end of the guide plate hits the object or when the wood saw is sewn together and the chain is clamped to the saw, the guide will move in the opposite direction, causing the guide to recoil upward toward the operator. Either of these two recoils may cause you to lose control of the chain saw and cause serious personal injury.

8. When the guide chain is snapped into the kerf, it is not necessary to pull it out strongly, and a wedge or a scorpion is used to remove the obstacle.

9. The chain saw must be kept in a rotating state when it is withdrawn from the wood.


You have followed these specifications during the operation.


Are you unknowingly doing the wrong first step?

The first step is very important, wear gloves!!

People who are engaged in logging operations must not only protect their love machines, but also ignore the protection of their hands. Healthy hands are very important to us.

Holding a chain saw for a long time, the severe vibration will damage the human blood circulation system. Generally, the logging environment is harsh, especially in humid and cold environments, which is more likely to induce vasoconstriction (or white hand disease). If the blood circulation is often not good, the hand will slowly become pale and numb, which will damage the sensory nerves. The hand will reduce the sensitivity to temperature, and finally the touch will fail, and even cause permanent numbness.

Therefore, the chainsaw workers must wear anti-seismic gloves. After all, safety is the first priority.
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