impact wrench sleeve classification

Classification of socket wrenches from different aspects:

1, according to the size of the sleeve (refer to the size of the square head) classification: 1/4", 3 / 8", 1/2"three specifications

" is the meaning of inches,

1" is equal to 25.4MM;

2, according to the side of the sleeve classification: 6 angles, 12 angles, 4 angles;

3. According to the classification of the driving device: pneumatic sleeve (also known as pneumatic sleeve), manual sleeve, electric sleeve: the sleeve with electric wrench as the driving force.

4, according to the material classification:

(1) Chrome-Molybdenum Steel is an alloy of chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo), iron (Fe) and carbon (C). Impact has good absorption properties, so it is often used in the industry to make pneumatic tools and large hand tools.

(2), Chrome-Vanadium Steel (chromium vanadium steel), chromium vanadium steel is an alloy tool steel with chromium and vanadium alloy elements, mainly used in hand tools.

(3), 45# carbon steel, that is, 45 steel, containing about 0.45% carbon, which is a commonly used processing material in steel due to good processing performance and multi-faceted treatment process. Among the above materials, the material of the sleeve is Cr-Mo (chromium molybdenum steel).

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