Cause of Engine flooding:

The damper pulled out and pulled the handle. Pulling the hand too many times resulted in too much oil in the ignition device, which was flooded with oil and could not start.

Solution 1
1. First empty the fuel tank the lid
3. Remove the spark plug and filter 4.If the spark plug has oil, it needs to be dried
5.Tilt the machine so that the spark plug hole faces the ground as much as possible. Confirm that the choke is   in the open position and pull the starter rope more than 10 times to clean fuel in the engine. 6.Keep tilted, place for 5-10 minutes to let

the oil inside dry naturally

7.Re-install the spark 8.Pour the oil back into the tank

9.Then follow the correct instructions to start the

saw again(But be careful to avoid improper operation again)

Solution 2

Leave it for two or three days to allow the gasoline in the device to automatically evaporate to dryness and restart normally.

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